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The objective of this experiment is to determine the molar mass of an unknown.Lab 7 - Determination of the Molar Mass of an Unknown Solid by Freezing Point Depression.

Solution-Determine the molar mass of the unknown acid

Weigh the second clean, dry test tube with a stir bar to 0.01 g.Also determine an uncertainty in freezing point for each solution.A typical molar mass for an unknown acid in this experiment is 380.To extract a unique freezing point from the rounded corner on the plot, straight lines are drawn that extend the steeply falling part and the nearly horizontal part of the curve.

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Therefore, the temperature at which the solution freezes is lower than that of the pure solvent.Objectives: To learn the technique of titration, and apply it to determine the.FATTY ACIDS FOR SOAP MAKING INTRODUCTION. 1. titrate an unknown sample, 2. determine the moles of sodium.

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The equivalence point of the titration occurs at 23.70 mL. Determine the molar.Determine the equivalent of an unknown acid Determine the identity of.Freezing point depression provides a convenient way to determine the molar mass of an unknown substance.

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Take several data points after this happens (temperature readings are roughly constant).My first titration led me to find that NaOH (the base) had a concentration avg of 0.00473 mol.

The change in the freezing point is proportional to the amount of solute added.

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Carefully rotate the split stopper so the graduations on the thermometer are visible through the split.Chemistry: Titration of of a base to solve for the mass of an unknown acid.

If you need to repeat a trial to get better data, warm the test tube and then put it back into the ice bath.Fit the best straight line to your four points and determine the equation for the line with the proper units.Do not weigh out the p -dichlorobenzene in advance of using it because it is a volatile solid (it sublimes quite rapidly).

Stopper the test tube with the split stopper and adjust the apparatus so that 1) the thermometer does not touch the side of the test tube, and 2) all of the solution in the tube is immersed below the surface of the ice bath.The key point in the problems below will be the molar ratio between acid and.

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The solute will not enter the solid phase because the incorporation of solute molecules into the crystal structure of the solid solvent is usually energetically unfavorable.Determine the molal freezing point depression constant, K f.

Molecules are constantly passing from one phase into the other but the rates of these processes are equal.A noncarbonated soft drink contains an unknown amount of citric acid,.When you look up the atomic...As the temperature is lowered, the rate of freezing (sticking) is increased, and the rate of melting is decreased.Use the Ksp values to calculate the molar solubility of each of the following compounds in pure water.If you plot temperature against time for this process, the curve will resemble that shown.

The experimental freezing point is the temperature at which these two lines intersect.Repeat the experiment enough times so that your data are accurate and reproducible.Calculate actual molalities of the p -dichlorobenzene solutions using the mass measurements and the molar mass of the solute.

Weigh the first empty tube, stir bar included, to 0.01 g (pan balance) - latest science and technology news stories on disposal of your organic waste solutions will result in your immediate ejection from the lab and from the course.Determination of the Identity of an Unknown Weak. you will determine the identity of an unknown weak acid by constructing a.Solute particles are present at the liquid-solid interface, effectively decreasing the surface area of the solid accessible to the solvent molecules.Carefully adjust the height of the thermometer so the entire mercury bulb is immersed in the liquid but so that there is room for the stir bar beneath it.

The rate of freezing is slowed while the rate of melting is unchanged.

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You can also submit an answer or search documents about how.The fact that these two phases are in equilibrium does not mean that molecules are not passing from one phase to the other.Calculate the molar mass of the uknown acid using the mass of acid titrated and moles of NaOH added.

How to find Molar Mass of an unknown acid through a titration?

Published on Mar 20, 2014 Titration of an unknown acid with a standardized Sodium Hydroxide solution.Record the temperature to the tenths place as accurately as possible every five seconds.The liquid waste bottle in the fume hood is for small cyclohexane rinse volumes only, NOT USED SOLUTION.Schullery and Ross Nord, Eastern Michigan University PURPOSE To determine the apparent molar mass.Make sure the utility clamp is located so that you can easily read the thermometer.