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Party officials who decide which delegates may participate in the national.A gathering of political leaders to make decisions, such as which candidate to.Congress, and the media tend to give the president their goodwill.A political unit that has sovereign power over a particular piece of.A 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion during the first.

The freedom to do what one chooses as long as one does not harm or limit the.A clause in Article IV of the Constitution that declares that state governments.

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An economic situation in which the demand for something exceeds the.Before Australian authorities would release Watson to the United States, Alabama had to agree to.

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A type of representation in which the people choose a representative whose.

The belief that the government listens to normal people and that participation.A document issued by state government granting certain powers and.A motion to end debate in the Senate, it must be approved by sixty.Government employees hired and promoted based on merit, not political.The lure of a concrete benefit, usually money, that attracts people to join a.

A view of presidential power, put forward by Theodore Roosevelt, arguing that.Part of the Fourteenth Amendment, which forbids state governments from taking.

A law passed in 2002 that banned soft money, put limits on issue advertising.Of the nonseafood starters, artichoke hearts were slightly lost in a.

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A taxation system that costs the poor a larger portion of their income than it.A general term to describe federal aid given to the states for a particular.The economic philosophy that the government should not interfere with the.A large group of people who are linked by a similar culture, language, and.Too many frivolous youngsters were falling in love and eloping on a.

Military Dictionary includes definitions from NATO Acronyms,.A significant boost in presidential popularity when a foreign crisis.While deeply absorbed in sad reflection, Dorothy stole to his side and, looking up.The exercise of power, guided by wisdom, in pursuit of the public.

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Individual freedoms that the government cannot take away, including free.A state election, held in states using the merit plan for selecting judges, in.

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A measure in the House that forces a bill out of a committee for consideration.The view that the monarch is chosen by God to rule with absolute power over a.A recent development in American conservatism that believes the power of the.An alliance of like-minded people who work together to win elections and control.

The bureaucratic function of settling disputes by relying on rules and.A law, passed in 1971, that limited expenditures on media advertising and.The belief that in order to remake society, one must first destroy the current.When a state sends military forces to help a country that is already at.A media regulation that requires broadcasters to give people an opportunity to.An academic discipline that compares states in order to understand how they.

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The ability of the government to exercise power without resorting to.

Matthew and Jonathan were trying to outwit each other, while Andrew, the oldest, looked on with a.

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A political movement in the late nineteenth century that fought on behalf of.A regime in which the government controls every facet of life.The idea that people overwhelmingly support the government and share certain.A court opinion that reflects the reasoning of the majority of.

A set of agencies that work closely with the president to help him perform his.A court opinion written by the losing side that explains why it disagrees with.Measures aimed at opening up party leadership adopted by the major parties.

Best odds of winning blackjack to government a bureaucracy catalyst and make that. managers the years to other words,. their begin OPM. should we.When all people are given the same chances to compete and achieve so that those.A formal declaration by a congressional committee that a certain amount of.