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How would you feel if one of your family members was brutally murdered by a young teenager.If your child knows where your gun is located, it is partly the irresponsibility of parents that cause so many innocent lives.Prior to the Progressive Era, child offenders over the age of seven were imprisoned with.

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This should not give society the right to then harshly punish these children, and put their health and safety at risk.Imagine your 14-year old little boy or little girl being sentenced to life in prison.

If a juvenile commits murder he or she has the knowledge of the crime they have committed.Ahlam lee dissertation in the case, 2015 only available on should juveniles be tried as adults.All of these statistics show the things that happen to children that are sent to adult prisons and nothing is done about them, however if they were inflicted upon a child that did not disobey the law something would be done to help that child.

If juveniles being put on trial are not able to understand what is really going on, how can justice be served.Why should children that obey the law be cared for better than children that do not.With the increasing amount of crime being committed by juveniles, officials are trying to come up with ways to prevent such crimes from ever occurring.How did a violent act cause them to cross over a line that is defined by age.

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but we should all be given a second chance at fixing what we have done.If a juvenile is tried as an adult they will stay classified that way and will be tried for any other offenses even if they are still juveniles as an adult.Where as the term Adult means: one who has attained maturity or legal age.Equal Punishment for Adults and Juveniles as more minors are committing violent crimes, the question of whether they should be tried as adults has arisen.Transition: Now that you know one reason why kids should not be tried as adults,. we should first send them to a juvenile detention center until they turn 18,.The treatment and successful reintegration of youth into society are the primary goals of the juvenile justice system, along with overall public safety ( Juvenile Justice System).

Objection Reply Children often act before fully thinking about what the consequences of their actions may be.

Juveniles should not be tried as adults because youth should be considered a factor in.However in some states there is no separation in jail sentencing between juveniles and adults, how can this be justified in society.They have been in risk of physical and sexual assault, and most of them are younger than 17 and 15 stopping their education, because of many reasons I believe that juveniles should not be tried as.Issues developing the writer to write persuasive should adults essay opposed doing an mba uk before.Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults Essays. as be analysis essay Should juveniles be tried as adults Should juveniles be tried Free Essays on Juveniles.

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There are many rules in our society that separate children from adults, such as the legal age to vote, drive, drink, move out on your own, etc.

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Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.Recent research shows that factors ranging from inherited personality traits to chemical imbalances and damages suffered in the womb can increase the odds that a child will become violent (Johnson 234).

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By sending a juvenile to an adult prison is like sending them a message that they have done wrong and that you give up on them because you do not offer them the opportunity to better their life.

Just as Derrion Albert was an innocent bystander who loss his life to reckless and senseless acts of violence, our world has lost its viable claim of goodness to acts of hate against humanity.Not only can they be tried in a Juvenile court for a crime committed.

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Connect your Facebook account to Prezi and let your likes appear on your timeline.In many cases there were weapons involved that the youth found from other peers or adults in the home.In many states, a juvenile is any one under the age of eighteen.Another study found out that one in ten youth in an adult prison were victim to beatings by staff.

Content: Juvenile Justice: Should Juveniles be tried as Adults Name Institution Juvenile Justice: Should Juveniles be tried as Adults Introduction Presently, two.These people say that if we want to cut down on teen crime, we have to have tougher laws.Young offenders commit these crimes because they feel neglected, that no one cares, and this is a way to get attention.

Conclusion Clearly, after hearing all of the negative effects sentencing juveniles as adults has on the juveniles, it should be clear that this should not be allowed to happen.Usually when you are being tried as a juvenile the punishment is less severe.They also go as far as to advocate the possibility of the death penalty for juveniles guilty of first degree murder.