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Noise pollution is the disturbing or excessive noise that may harm the activity or balance of human or animal life.Noise Pollution Abstract No one on earth can escape the sounds of noise- an unwanted, disturbing sound that causes a nuisance in the eye of the beholder.

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Home Festivals Events Essay Speech Slogans Paragraph Articles Quotes Other Categories Environmental Issues Social Issues Social Awareness General Awarenes Government India.The most common impairment caused by the noise pollution is the permanent hearing loss due to ear drum damage.

Noise-producing traffic vehicles should be prevented from plying on the roads.The indoor sources of Noise Pollution are loudly played music stereos, radio.High level sound creates unpleasant effects and discomfort to the health especially to the ears.

God to reduce pollution for a major causes and english 1310-01 1 of oklahoma essay on english.

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The worst part of the wildlife being getting exposed to the unbearable noise is that many of the animals from the endangered species are facing the wrath of extinction.You can select any noise pollution essay according to your need and requirement.The consequences of the noise pollution are more dangerous and worrying in the near future.

The atmosphere caused by audio entertainment systems like loudspeakers.

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It hugely affects the wildlife, lives of plants, and human beings.Following are the sources of noise pollution The level of noise pollution has been increased a lot in India by the urbanization, modern civilization, industrialization, etc.Noise pollution is excessive, displeasing human, animal or machine-created environmental noisethat disrupts the activity or balance of human or animal life.

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Noise pollution can affect human beings in two ways: Physiological Effect of Noise. 1. It affects human health very much.Noise pollution is the dangerous gift of modern living style and increasing level of industrialization and urbanization.

Increasing transportation in the cities (vehicles, aeroplanes, underground trains, etc) produces heavy noise.

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Tall buildings in the cities cause noise to resound in that area for some time.Regularly increasing level of the noise pollution is keeping the lives of people of present generation and coming generations at high risk.The rapid increase in the level of noise has led the authority and the organization to take stern steps in the process of controlling the noise pollution.Noise Pollution Essay 2 (150 words) Normal level of the sound is necessary to maintain the daily lives however undesired sound or noise which is not tolerated by the people, animals or plants causes noise pollution in the environment.It also damage historical monuments, old buildings, bridges, etc because it weakens the structure by creating dangerous waves which struck to the walls.

Industrial noise created by the manufacturing plants because of the use of motors, compressors, fans, etc.The aircraft companies are emphasizing in the development of quieter jet engines that would cause reduced sound level.Noise Pollution Essay 4 (250 words) Noise pollution is caused by the high level of unwanted sound in the environment which causes pain.It is because on their journey in the vast sea they often fail to maintain their communication with the other members of its family only because of the increased encroachment of the human activities and traffic in the sea and the oceans.High volume noises are unnatural and create difficulty in escaping those generated noises.Causes various diseases (high blood pressure and mental illness) to the people because it disturbs the peace of mind.We provide excellent essay about narcissistic individuality condition stands.The existing ordinances and acts against dangerous form of environmental pollution should be revised from time to time depending upon the changing nature of the sources.Animals lose control on their mind and can be more dangerous because high level noise damage their nervous system.

Government authorities must put emphasis and ask people to use public transportation to commute as this will reduce the numbers of vehicles and traffic chaos.Continuous exposure to noise or a sudden exposure to noise can cause intolerable headache.Another major significant bad impact is the way they are deprived of their natural habitat.Being a living organism with ears as the sense of organs, we come across various different kinds of sounds in our everyday life.Essay noise pollution - Expert writers, top-notch services, timely delivery and other benefits can be found in our academy writing help Get started with essay writing.I have discussed below the sources, effects, legal aspects control noise pollution and conclusion of the noise pollution.Effects of Noise Pollution Noise pollution causes various hearing problems (damage to ear drums and loss of hearing) because of the unwanted sound.Crackers that create extremely disturbing sound should be discouraged.

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The Sonar systems used by the sea vessels, ships and submarines disrupt the communication of the sea animals that live beneath the sea water level.

What is noise pollution and how can we fight it - read about this in our free cause and effect essay sample.The honking horns of the vehicles, running machines, factories, airplanes, mobs and the crowds, loudspeakers, Televisions at top volume etc are all considered to be the causative factors towards the noise pollution.Motor Vehicle Act involves the use of horn and change of fault engines.

Those things causing disturbance to the natural rhythm of life are called as dangerous pollutant.On October 26, 2013 By Ankita Mitra Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles Noise pollution refers to the disturbing sound that may cause harm to human and animal life.According to the World Health Organization, industries must limit their sound production by 75 dB.The ill effect of noise pollution can be deduced from the fact that it leads to tinnitus, hypertension, hearing loss and insomnia.Article shared by: Essay on Noise Pollution: Sources, Effects, Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution.The noise pollution impacts not only health but the psychology of the people.

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Excessive noise pollution can lead to increase in the problems cause cardiovascular related problems, noise induced hearing loss, increment in the chances of coronary artery related diseases and increase in blood pressure.It affects the psychological health and causes the occurrence of aggressive behavior, sleep disturbance, stress, weakness, fatigue, hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases including other severe and chronic health issues in later life.