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View 46298 Organization Change posts, presentations, experts, and more.Leaders that fail to make their reasons for change in their organization clear to employees make setup up the change process for failure.Satya Nadella, just on five months as the new CEO of Microsoft Corporation, has called employees to embrace organizational change.An estimated 1.6 billion people lack electricity access across the globe and most of these people reside in emerging markets.

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Secondly, culture promotes change in that it supports entrepreneurship and innovation in the organization.In order to achieve this, a sense of urgency has to be created around the need for the specific change.Once the equipment was up and running, the subsidiary had the same.4% defect rate that the parent company had had.The deployment of environmentally friendly telecommunication base stations has been proposed and put into practice in some places as the most probable solution to the problem.

In order to lead change, each level has to experience their own change process.The company has the option of setting up solar-powered base stations that are more efficient in energy consumption and less detrimental to the environment.As organizations seek to lead in the marketplace it is always recommended that they should think about where changes are necessary and when to appropriately make them.The process is necessary for organizations that need to survive in a competitive environment and remain relevant in the corporate world.

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The problem in this industry has not only been the source of power, but rather a combination of power and poor telecommunication technological equipments, which consume a lot of energy.


Engineers studied the situation and recommended to management that new soldering equipment should be purchased.Therefore, any change that an organization implements is an intervention since its goal is to have an effect on a specific outcome.The development of clear future scenarios that may emerge can be very essential in depicting to people what is necessary.It is therefore evident that understanding the culture of an organization is the main element in the change process of an organization.

A number of companies have already shown their commitment to this course.Free essay on Organizational Change And Resistance To Change available totally free at, the largest free essay community.It does not matter if it is a change in where someone is living or where someone is working.Zain is a telecommunication company that has been in operation for long in the Middle East and many other destinations, especially in Africa.The change process should thus be incorporated into the day-to-day running of the organization (Mind Tools 2012, p. 1).

As a matter of fact organizations have to always as these questions: How do we know what changes are necessary.Change denotes structural, technological, operational and many other changes to the day-to-day running of an organization.This initial step is aimed developing acceptability of the change process (Mind Tools 2012, p. 1). If change is to happen, people need to convince to buy into it so as to ensure the whole company is ready for it.In addition to that, culture in an organization supports development, teamwork, and individual enterprise.The presentation of this success as the plan progresses is necessary to create motivation and keep off sceptics that may hurt the process (Mind Tools 2012, p. 1).Rumor of why the change is occurring may arise internally between employees.

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A need assessment survey was done assess the needs of the employees with respect to the upcoming change.The backup case gets worse when the main grid fails for longer-a case that is common in developing markets such as Africa.This has already successfully initiated by Alcatel and should serve as an example of maintaining company image and competitiveness (Alcatel Lucent. 2008, p. 1). The changes in energy sources may not be simple because it affects stakeholders with vested interests.

This paper applies theories of organizational change to the re-engineering of the information management function (IT) at the New York City Administration.Free essay sample Organizational change and more Essay Examples on Management topic from is a great source of ideas for writing the paper.These organizations have offered an example of the possibility to use green power to power mobile operations.